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Alison Willock - Hypnotherapist

01554 820 943 

The Well Hypnotherapy 

Alison Willock - BA Ed (Hons) WITH QTS, DHP, HPD, MNCH (Lic)


I am a solutions focused hypnotherapist. This means focusing on the future rather than the past. Today’s demanding life style can impact on the way we think, feel, live and work. It may influence our relationships, self image, self confidence and health which can lead to fear, anxiety, depression, feeling angry and behaviours e.g. smoking. 


Hypnotherapy can put you back in control, providing solutions and creating a long lasting and effective change, through using the relaxing and focused state of hypnosis as a natural method to promote positivity, success and well being. 

No counselling – No regression 


For help with:

Stopping smoking





Exam/driving test nerves

Natural Childbirth

And much more………………………………………            



 Stop-smoking (only one session - 1 ½ -2 hours) £70   

 Initial Consultation (1 hour) Free 

 1 hour session £35     



For appointments please call Alison on: 01554 820 943