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Reconnective Healing is a new frequency of healing that is very effective in treating both physical problems as well as balancing the mind, emotions and spirit.

  • The healing gives you more energy and balance

  • more confidence and self-worth

  • more clarity, focus and creativity

  • a greater sense of well-being


THE RECONNECTION - a permanent raising of a persons vibration

In the experience of the many Reconnection Practitioners and in my own experience Reconnection healing can bring about rapid results with most people needing between 1 to 3 sessions usually all within a week in order for the results to be most effective. Reconnection Healing works by raising the vibration of the client so that healing's can occur. This energy has been seen to be effective with many illnesses including stress related problems, joint and back problems, ME, cancer. It can also be used with children and animals. 

The Reconnection supports you in

  • bringing body, mind and spirit into balance

  • increasing your intuition

  • awakening and reconnecting you, accelerating your spiritual growth

  • shifting and expanding your consciousness and spiritual awareness

The Reconnection can be a profound experience for the person willing to accept their life's calling.  Many people report their lives changing dramatically, especially within the first 6-12 months, when they are likely to:

  • experience accelerated personal growth

  • integrate their learning

  • develop a clearer understanding and connection to their own life's purpose and universal truths.

About Me:
I trained in Amsterdam and Budapest with the founder of this amazing energy Dr Eric Pearl.  I felt drawn to this energy after experiencing a ten minute session at a local Spirit Fair. I did Reiki at the time but this energy felt so different and powerful that I went out and bought Eric Pearl's book 'The Reconnection' and immediately was able to feel and work with the energy (there is an energy transfer from reading this book)! However, I wanted to learn how to help others and so after reading the book I completed my training abroad in Level 1, 2 & 3. 

What to expect from a session? 

Sessions generally involve the recipient lying on a massage table fully clothed. They close their eyes and relax. At no point during the session do I touch the person as I move my hands around above the persons body. People experience different things that may include feeling hands upon them, a gentle movement of air, feeling hot or cold for a short period, tingling or movement of the body, feeling emotion, seeing colours and occasionally hearing or smelling things. All these things are normal. 

How much does a session cost? 

Sessions are £33.30 For Reconnective Healing Treatment


If you would like more information about receiving the full 

Reconnection please call Charlotte on 01994 758591 or 07976 269684 / email: or visit her website at to see a great deal of further information 


Book:   The Reconnection  by Eric Pearl - £10   This book is available from reception at the Centre. 



Testimonial from a client:

After having Reconnective healing from Charlotte, I felt so positive and energised that I knew I had to have The Reconnection myself. The first day was a strange experience, feeling energy moving in and around my body as Charlotte worked above me. I lost track of time and even where I was. When the session was over I needed to sleep, and had vivid dreams. I awoke feeling refreshed and had a long walk. It was quite different to my 3 Reiki attunements.The second session was similar to the first, but I experienced many fleeting images as well as energy sensations. After this session I couldn`t stop smiling and felt lively and more positive than I had felt in ages. The Reconnection seemed to deepen my connection to the natural world and for days I had animals and birds approaching me in a friendly and trusting way that was astounding! I am still, 6 months on, feeling peaceful, uplifted and positive, and more sure of my purpose in life. Thank you, 2012 seems exactly the right year to be using this energy! 



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