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Cheryll Hodgson

Dip.Reflexology Dist.,  Cert Ed., FMAR., ARR,  Dip IIHHT, 

 Reflexology - Maternity and Fertility

01267 231212

Having had a long 30 year career in Reflexology both as a practitioner and teacher - I now concentrate my practice on the specialised area of reflexology for fertility / subfertility and infertility as well as maternity reflexology. 



It is incredibly beneficial for a woman to receive reflexology through out her pregnancy.  I have been working with maternity reflexology for many years and have always seen tangible benefits to the mother both during the pregnancy, at the birth and postnatally as well.  These include a less troublesome pregnancy, including all the general and common discomforts that a woman can experience; and then an easier natural birth. This is particularly important in these days of the medical profession leaning towards inducement of labour, which can cause all manor of unwanted and unnecessary complications and post partum problems for the woman.

I can also confidently say that the babies love the reflexology as well - this is something I have consistently and unfailingly witnessed with all pregnant mums I have treated! 

Recommended sessions for maximum benefit:   One per fortnight until the 7th month and then weekly appointments until delivery. 


Please all Cheryll - to make an appointment or to discuss further.    01267 231212

Cost:  £35   per session  














My training in this area was with the renowned expert in this subject Barbara Scott (Seren Natural Fertility) and as such the approach taken is to understand and work with the woman, man or couple to who are experiencing trouble conceiving and/or are going through various assisted conception techniques and protocols.

The statistic now is that 1:6 couples will experience some problems in conceiving a child. There  are several ways to approach subfertility and the Seren approach starts with looking at the basic causes of fertility difficulties in both men and women.  This includes looking in detail at the menstrual cycle, identifying ovulation, the medical tests undertaken by clients, diet and lifestyle.  Quite often this is all it needs to help a couple conceive - thus saving them thousands of pounds in going through IVF. 

If you are going through or are about to begin fertility treatment then we can work with you as you go through the medicated cycles.  This is done in such a  way as to work WITH - rather than AGAINST (as in the usual Reflexology approach) the protocols and drug regimes that the woman will go through in the process.  This type of Reproflexology can assist the process to be more successful and is certainly supportive.  There is now scientific evidence that this approach when working with a couple going through assisted conception produces a higher likelihood of a successful outcome. 

What to expect from treatments:

Initial treatment:   this is usually an in depth consultation with the couple and an initial assessment of the feet.

Follow up treatments:  These will normally need to be at weekly intervals - usually for up to two months at least.  At these treatments appropriate reproflexology protocols will be followed to work either with the natural way the body should work - promoting correct working of the body systems, particularly the endocrine and reproductive systems; or the treatments will work with the particular medicated cycles the couple are going through in IUI or IVF.  

Cost: £40 per treatment 

Discount for couples both attending at the same time/same week :  £70 (couple)

If you would like to discuss the treatment further with Cheryll - please call  01267 231212.  

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