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Hannah Freimanis  MFHT    

Sports Massage Therapist & Tutor



Reflexology - General and also specialising in children and teenagers


Hannah has gained a reputation as a successful therapist in her therapy fields of Remedial Massage, Sports Massage and in helping many people through the use of these therapies as well as Reflexology.


Hannah runs a very successful and popular practice in Sports massage having 16 years experience. - She is also the tutor of Swedish Massage and Sports Massage at levels 3 and 4.

The specialist areas of Sports/Remedial or Deep Tissue Massage offer the client of any age a treatment which works to discover and correct the musculo-skeletal imbalances and discomfort that can so easily occur in our daily lives - no matter what we do.  

The treatment will begin with an in-depth chat and body assessment which will inform the correct approach and treatment plan.  There will normally need to be a few visits to correct the problem, but Hannah will advise on this. 

She offers a consultancy and advisory/mentorship role in the treatment of hands on body treatments. 


Within her range of approaches Hannah also offers the Dorn Method -one of the few therapists to offer this therapy in Wales.

The Dorn Method involves tiny manipulations of each of the vertebrae of the spinal column and has the result of aligning and readjusting the structures of the back - including the nerve innovations to all parts of the body.


Child Reflexology  The world for children and teenagers is not as carefree as adults might imagine. Growing up has many thrills and happiness; however there are many growing pains too. The physiological, emotional and physical turmoil we usually associate with adulthood can equally affect children through the years of growth. 

Children grow up very quickly in this day and age, facing issues and decisions both at home and school that would be stressful for even the most balanced adult. 


Reflexology can be helpful for both the physical ailments and psychological stresses that children have to deal with.   Providing reflexology treatments for your children can give them the opportunity to feel calm, happy and balanced. Through the medium of reflexology a trust relationship can be built between therapist and child, giving them the opportunity to communicate how they feel and a chance to deal with their stresses and strains. Reflexology can also help the child understand their body, physically and mentally with the therapists’ guidance.   


 The treatment is carried out as a usual reflexology treatment would be carried out, however it may take a little less time depending on the age of the child. Through the reflexology treatment physical ailments can be recognised and relaxation can be enhanced. Through using the relaxation techniques and putting the child at ease, an understanding and recognition of psychological issues can be identified. The therapist will also be assessing lifestyle and diet to try and aid in the presenting problems, also working with the parents to help them understand the issues and to help their children.   


 Hannah, the child specialist, has been working with children for many years; initially through the medium of drama, which helps to build confidence in children. Once she trained as a reflexologist, she started to work with children helping a range of problems from M.E to behavioural problems. Hannah incorporates her drama training into the treatments if required, this helps to put the child at ease and can also help to understand any psychological stresses.     


 N.B All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to the treatments. 



Please contact Hannah for further information and a free initial consultation.