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Hi, I’m Susan, and I’ve been working with the human energy field for 20 years. I started out using and teaching Reiki and other systems, but since experiencing Omni several years ago when I moved to Wales, I haven’t looked back, or at any of those other systems again. I can honestly say, that from my own experience of Omni, in my opinion it far outshines everything else, which is why I became a practitioner myself.


In 1997, the Omni Healing Systems were developed in India by Dr Sameer Kale, who was ‘called’ to bring forward a new spectrum of energy, of an ultra fast frequency which the world needs today. Indeed, stress levels, anxiety, mental, emotional, psychological and physical illnesses and diseases are at an all time high, even in our children. In our modern world we never ‘switch off’; most people don’t know how to, or how important it is until some aspect of their wellbeing fails. Optimum health requires a full and balanced flow of our vital energies through all the layers of our being: physical, emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual even karmic. The disruption of this flow creates an energetic imbalance, manifesting as dis-ease in one or more of these layers. Often our ‘conditions’ were created a long time ago, and powerful Omni energies work backwards to the source of a presenting problem, to eliminate it; restoring energetic balance, flow and well being. At the same time however, these energies are gentle in the way that they work and receiving an Omni Energy Massage or an Omni Healing is a deeply relaxing experience. So much so, a treatment is also ideal as a pamper session, or a pick-me-up, in which cases one off treatments are fine. However, for dealing with a particular problem we do recommend a minimum of three sessions of taken closely together for maximum benefit, after which, depending on the individual circumstances more may be recommended. Omni is so fast and safe, it is even possible to have two Omni’s in one day!


It is usual after Omni Healing or Massage to experience more awareness of your Self. In turn, this often leads to an improvement in the quality of one’s life as you re-direct your focus away from those things which were contributing to your problems, by addressing them from a new perspective. This deepening connection with your Self, reinforces your ability to take responsibility for your own life as you naturally adjust your attitude and lifestyle, promoting a happier and healthier life.

During an Omni Energy Massage, the client remains fully clothed on a therapy couch and the practitioner uses light circular, sweeping and squeezing movements on the client’s body. Afterwards you will feel not only the same benefit as you would from a traditional massage, but you will also be left feeling relaxed, light and refreshed inside and out. One treatment covers full body; head, face, chest, abdomen, back, arms, hands, legs and feet. Due to it’s gentle nature, treatments are suitable for young, old, frail, pregnancy, pre and post surgery.

Omni Healing is a system which delivers a bespoke energy treatment for the client, and no two treatments are ever the same. The client remains fully clothed as the practitioner places their hands in various positions on the client’s body, usually treating front and back in a single treatment session. Receiving any Omni treatment is deeply relaxing, and this helps the energy to work at a very deep level, lifting and removing old, stuck energy which impedes the natural flow of ones vital energy. One may feel warmth or tingling in the areas the practitioner is working on as the energy flows. This treatment is suitable for everyone; including the very young, elderly, pregnancy, pre and post operative situations.


To discuss your needs, make further enquiries or book an appointment please contact me on 07946 552845 or email on 


Omni Massage and Healing complement medical treatments. Practitioners do not diagnose or prescribe substances. We always recommend you seek advise from your GP for any physical, psychological or infectious conditions you may have before undertaking any complementary therapy.