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Stuart FitzSimons - Medical Herbalist

07802 408146 

Stuart also runs a highly successful and interesting Herbal Dispensary, Health Store and Crystal Shop across the road from  the Centre in King Street - Plantasmagorical

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine, quite simply, is the oldest and most natural form of medicine there is, with treatment based upon the use of herbal extracts in liquid, capsule or tablet form. I like to think of herbs as God's chemical factories. They manufacture so many chemicals that there is a herb for just about every illness known to man somewhere. In fact, some of the strongest and most used drugs are derived from herbs, even penicillin came from a humble fungus!


Each prescription written up by a herbalist  is tailor made for the individual patient. Herbal medicines dispensed by herbalists nowadays use herbal extracts that are made to UK GMP, the highest quality demanded of herbal extracts under European and UK legislation.


Herbal medicine can be useful in the treatment of almost all ailments. If you have any questions about a specific ailment, then please call Stuart on 07802 408146.


About Stuart FitzSimonsMNIMH Dip. Phyt

Stuart has been a herbalist for 30 years, and during that time his work has engaged him in all aspects of herbal medicine. He has run clinics, lectured for the School of Herbal Medicine  and acted as an examiner for the School and the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.


Stuart has formulated products and advised companies on product promotion and he has travelled the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland holding clinics and training health store staff in the use of herbal remedies. His work has also involved taking an active part in new European legislation regarding herbals and he has written extensively for newspapers and periodicals etc. His work on hemp seed oil and essential fatty acids has been published in the British Journal of Phytotherapy and he recently completed writing an e-book about Damask Rose.


Areas of medicine that Stuart has specialised in over the years include the treatment of menopausal symptoms and he has vast experience in the treatment of eczema/dermatitis. For the last three years Stuart has worked closely with a group involved in extracting powerful anti-cancer and immune stimulating substances from certain medicinal fungi and he has studied this area extensively and observed the use of these agents in conjunction with conventional chemo and radiotherapy.


Stuart's work has meant he has moved around a lot, but as a native of South Wales he is really happy to be back home!








What Happens at the Consultation?

A visit to the herbalist is very much like visiting your GP. The main differences being that much more time is taken by the herbalist to get to the root of your problems, and you will receive an individually tailored herbal remedy as treatment. The consultation is about you and how to help you back to health. It’s not just about symptoms. Part of your consultation may well include some basic medical tests such as a blood pressure reading.


Contact Stuart:

Stuart will be available for consultations at Alliance Therapy, 24 King St, Carmarthen SA31 1BS, and can be contacted directly on 07802 408146 or e-mail

Stuart also manages the Herbal Dispensary and Health Store - Plantasmagorical - 36 King Street, opposite the Centre and can be found there for short informal consultations

Pease feel free to call with any questions at any time.