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Tanya Syed

Somatic Experiencing ® Practitioner

Tanya Syed M.A. S.E.P. R.C.S.T. Y.R.

01792 845 909

Tanya is a Craniosacral Therapist and Somatic Experiencing®Practitioner, specialising in trauma resolution. She assists on the S.E. training courses with SOS Internationale and continues her research into trauma resolution with Larry Hellers’ N.A.R.M training in developmental trauma.


Tanya co-runs The Green House School of Yoga in Craig - Cefn Parc , Swansea. She teaches sacred sound, drawing from the living traditions of Yoga, Shamanism and the Tao to awaken what she calls 'The Listening Body’.

Tanya has been a complementary health practitioner since 2001 initially training in Creative Kinesiology.


Somatic Experiencing® is a pioneering approach to aid recovery from physical and psychological symptoms of stress, shock and trauma. It helps to restore your body’s natural self regulating systems. Trauma can occur when we are overwhelmed, either by events , a difficult environment or ongoing stress. Symptoms such as unexplained aches and pains, low energy, too much energy, obsessive thoughts, flashbacks, phobias, anxiety, disconnection, depression, etc could be a result of physical and psychological responses to traumatic events. By building inner resources, tracking present sensations and thwarted survival responses S.E. aims to gently re-establish the natural flow of your life energy, supporting the safe release of overwhelm from the nervous system, putting the past where it belongs and restoring body, heart, mind and spirit to integrated wholeness.

Generally sessions take place sitting on a chair, you are invited to notice what you are experiencing whilst telling your story and give time for your system to integrate shifts of awareness. Somatic Experiencing® was founded and developed by Dr Peter Levine Phd.

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